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-საქართველო-Georgia Tube

30.00 (1 ცალი) (50 gr)
ქართული მწვანე ჩაი (100 გრ) Georgian organic green tea (100 g). 

1001 Nights

15.00 (50 gr)
Green and black tea, papaya, rose, geranium, calendula and Jamaican sunflower petals.


15.00 (50 gr)
Contains ginkgo, blackcurrant leaves and valerian leaves. improves sleep.

Berry Delight

15.00 (50 gr)
Black tea, pieces of strawberries, berries and blackberries


15.00 (50 gr)
Black tea, flavour, cranberry fruit, rose leaves

Bora Bora

15.00 (50 gr)
NEW! Hibiscuss, apple, papaya, currant, raspberry, strawberry, aroma, sunflower and geranium flower


15.00 (50 gr)
Roman chamomile flowers. Caffine free.

Cherry Fire

15.00 (50 gr)
Colourful and tasty fruit blend with  hibiscus, rose hip, cherry, apple, papaya and vanilla.

Christmas Basket

15.00 (50 gr)
A colorful, Christmasy mix contains hibiscus, apple, rose hip, cinnamon, cloves, anise, ginger and strawberry slices. This fruity tea will remind you of the aroma of mulled wine and put you in the Christmas mood.

Chun Mee

15.00 (50 gr)
The highest quality Chinese green tea with a light, slightly sweet aroma.

Cranberry Garden

15.00 (50 gr)
Hibiscus, apple, berry, raspberry, branch, dog rose, aroma