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Da Hong Pao

15.50 (50 gr)
Red tea, Ruby coloured cup wuth full body. 1-3min, 90-95◦, 4-5gr

Huang Ya

31.00 (50 gr)
Yellow tipped tea from Yunnan province, limited quantity. It is distinguished by its light color and sweet taste.

Milk Oolong

31.00 (50 gr)
Semi-fermented tea. It has a light aroma of caramel and milk. Milk Oolong is the most popular among Oolong. There are two methods of flavoring. The first is a rather expensive and complicated process, since its aromatization starts from the tea bush itself. The tea bushes are treated with cubed cane sugar, and the roots are watered with soluble milk, after which ground rice is sprinkled. In the second case, already harvested leaves are treated with milk extract.

Oolong Ginseng

27.00 (50 gr)
A semi-fermented Chinese tea from Fujian Province. To make it, they use ginseng extract from North China. Tincture has a strong tonic effect.

Oolong with Jasmine

31.00 (50 gr)
Semi-fermented oolong with jasmine, sweet floral taste

Pai Mu Tan

31.00 (50 gr)
A white organic tea from Fujian province with lightly curled leaves. The infusion is distinguished by its rich color and aromatic taste.