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15.00 (100 gr)
Plantation "Fazenda Lagoa" is located at an altitude of 950-1200 meters above sea level. It is true that one of the most famous types of coffee is brought here, each bean of which is carefully selected and roasted. "Brazil" coffee is distinguished by its soft and harmonious aroma. 100% Arabica. Strength 1/5.


15.00 (100 gr)
Famous Colombian coffee, each bean of which is carefully selected and roasted. "Columbia" coffee has a sharp taste.


15.00 (100 gr)
It is distinguished by its full and expressive aroma. Caffeine is a natural substance found in many plants (including tea). Our decaffeinated coffee is made with the so-called With the "Swiss water process" during which no chemical substances are used, which preserves the taste and aroma of the coffee.


15.00 (100 gr)
Guatemala is a leading producer of high-quality coffee and has always been considered the best coffee in the world. Guatemala's famous coffee beans come from the growing region of Antigua. Most plantations are located in the south of the country, where the fertile soil of the Sierra Madre volcanic mountains provides the highest quality Arabica beans. "Guatemala Antigua" coffee has a light cocoa flavor.

Nicaragua giant

17.00 (100 gr)
Real coffee lovers and experts know that Nicaragua is one of the first among the best coffee producers. Coffee beans grow at an altitude of 1500 m, on volcanic soil. In the mountainous region, ripe grains are harvested by hand. Unlike other varieties, Nicaraguan coffee trees produce a much smaller yield, which determines its price. This coffee is especially loved in Japan and America. Nicaragua coffee is distinguished by giant beans and a slightly sweet aroma.