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Bora Bora

15.00 (50 gr)
NEW! Hibiscuss, apple, papaya, currant, raspberry, strawberry, aroma, sunflower and geranium flower

Cherry Fire

15.00 (50 gr)
Colourful and tasty fruit blend with  hibiscus, rose hip, cherry, apple, papaya and vanilla.

Christmas Basket

15.00 (50 gr)
A colorful, Christmasy mix contains hibiscus, apple, rose hip, cinnamon, cloves, anise, ginger and strawberry slices. This fruity tea will remind you of the aroma of mulled wine and put you in the Christmas mood.

Cranberry Garden

15.00 (50 gr)
Hibiscus, apple, berry, raspberry, branch, dog rose, aroma

Fruit Tea (1 pc)

1.50 (1 pcs)
Fruit blend in silk pyramids. Caffeine Free.

Hawaiian Cocktail

15.00 (50 gr)
Caffeine free fruit tea that can be enjoyed both hot and cold. Hibiscus, rose hip, raisins, pineapple, mango, papaya and orange in its composition offer us a bouquet of extraordinary tropical fruits.

Iced tea box

120.00 (50 gr)
Stainless steel cup with straw, 3 types of fruit tea 100 g  

Mulled Wine

15.00 (50 gr)
This tea set, offered by German tea experts from our partner company - Dethlefsen & Balk G. m. b. H., it's a real explosion of taste!! Hibiscuss, apples, rose hip, cinnamon, cloves, cloves, orange slices - it is this mixture that creates the special taste and aroma of this tea. Add wine to make mulled wine.

Peach Garden

15.00 (50 gr)
Ingredients: Pineapple & Apple Slices, Carrot, Peach, Aroma, Rose Petals

Raspberry Dream

15.00 (50 gr)
Ingredients: hibiscus, rose hip, apple pieces, raspberry leaves, beetroot and raspberry pieces.