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Ethiopia Sidamo "Dream of Africa"

17.00 (100 gr)
Ethiopia is the country of birth of coffee. The coffee plant originates in Kaffa Ethiopia. According to legend, in the 9th-century, goat herder Kaldii n the region of Kaffa discovered the coffee plant after noticing the energizing effect the plant had on his flock.
After originating in Ethiopia, coffee was consumed as a beverage in Yemen, and afterwards spread into Istanbul, Cairo, Damascus and later to Europe. Now coffee is one of the most popular not alcoholic beverages.
Ethiopian coffee has a very rich body with strong aroma accompanied by a heavy chocolate fullness.

Caffe Crema

15.00 (100 gr)
თუ თქვენი დილა ყავის გარეშე წარმოუდგენელია, აუცილებლად დააგემოვნეთ ახალი, 3 ყავის ნაზავი "CAFFE CREME" !!! ბრაზილია, კოლუმბია, კენია გამოირჩევა მოტკბო გემოთი და ძლიერი ქაფით. საუკეთესოა ყავის აპარატში გამოსაყენებლად

Kenya "Pearls of Africa"

15.00 (100 gr)
Among coffee exporting countries, Kenya has a rather small share (1.5%). Instead, it is one of the best in terms of quality. This coffee is hand picked in the Kiundi region. It is roasted by experienced experts which gives it an incomparable taste. Kenya "Pearls of Africa" coffee is characterized by medium caffeine content, light chocolate aroma and gentle taste.


15.00 (100 gr)
This Tanzanian coffee is from the Kilimanjaro region and has a sweet, fruity aroma.