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Herbal Blends
Where does the history of herbs begins? It can be traced back to the high cultures of China, India, Persia, Egypt and Greece and up to the Roman Empire. The latter we also have to thank for spreading this knowledge into our areas: The Romans fused many of their own ideas with those of the Greek. In the middle ages, the study of herbs reached other parts of Europe, where it was implemented and further refined in monastery gardens. Particularly the Benedictine Order spent a lot of time and effort on the cultivation and research. It is likely that they also started started the classification of herbs into culinary and medicinal herbs, a distinction which is still in use today.

Later, the vegetation of these gardens slowly changed due to the influence of far-away countries, which could now be reached by sea. The trading ships brought back real treasures of plants and spices, which were happily and often blended and combined with local herbs.

Even today, just like back then, loose herbs still play an important role and enjoy great popularity. We would like to cordially invite you to wander through our herb garden and discover the one or the other novelty.

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