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Category: Fruit Blends

Fruit Tea

At the beginning of the 80‘s, colourful blends composed of pieces of fruit made their way into the teashops. Without caffeine or other bitter substances, the inexpensive and delicious beverages quickly conquered a new clientele. These multifaceted creations quickly developed into a family tea, which could be enjoyed by young and old alike. The versatility of fruit teas won over a large share of consumers. Concentrated, cold or iced fruit tea is a real treat, chilled with mineral water or sparkling wine.

The main ingredients of a fruit tea blend are mild, sweet apple pieces, fruity rose hip peel and fresh, tangy hibiscus blossoms; these components characterise the necessary “body” of a fruit tea blend. In addition, there is an almost unlimited selection of fruit variations. Whether as flakes, blossoms or pieces, almost all sorts of vegetables, fruits, spices or herbs can be used and, next to the flavour, they also play an important role in the tea’s appearance.
For those who prefer a mild taste: as their name says, our low-in-acid blends offer a full, fruity pleasure without tingling acidity. The flavour is actually even more present and intense, as it was often concealed by the predominant notes of tangy hibiscus, which has now been greatly reduced if not left out. Can you picture it? Well then, you’ll just have to try it!

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